Lx Projects Mobile is a purpose-built mobile app that enables construction teams to easily

manage key tasks via their mobile device while on site.

A Powerful New Mobile App

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Save time and

reduce errors.

Keep project information

accurate up-to-the-minute.

Keep team members socially

distanced, safe, and productive.

Streamline communication.

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The latest addition to Accruent's project management solution, Lx Projects Mobile is designed to streamline on-site task execution and improve connectivity between teams.

Upload and view images and documents.

Access assigned projects easily.

View and edit key dates, schedules, and tasks.

Streamline access approval requests.

More Important than Ever 

Change can happen in an instant and is one of the few constants in the retail industry. As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to simmer down and stores open up, retail organizations must be able to take the lessons of the last year and put them into practice or they risk quickly falling behind their competitors.

With Lx Projects Mobile, retailers are better equipped to adapt to the modern shopping experience, whether instore or omnichannel, with a consolidated, connected system devoted to project management.

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Standout Features of Lx Projects Mobile


Upload images on-site


Purpose-built for

Integration with

Lx Projects


Streamlined document

management processes


Prevent mishaps with a

defined schedule

management module


Set and modify approvals

easily and effectively


Device-agnostic, gaining the

ability to work with various

systems without adjustments


View PDFs, images and

important documents at

your fingertips

Manage construction Projects at Scale with LX Projects

Accruent's construction project management tool helps users manage new location construction, site openings and capital improvement processes effortlessly. By ensuring every detail is done on time and on budget, Accruent helps ensure your business delivers on brand promise consistently across your portfolio.

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